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Our journey began with the monks of the Sint Stefanus Monastery way back in 1295. After spending centuries brewing their beer for the local community in Ghent, they passed the St. Stefanus recipe into the skilled and caring hands of the Van Steenberge family – who still guard it today.

With this recipe came the unique monastic yeast that we add to every bottle and keg. This brings the beer to life and allows the flavours to mature for three months in our ageing chamber. But this journey doesn’t end when we release our bottles; it keeps going until your very first sip. Whether you drink it right away or age it and see how the flavours develop, your experience will be completely different every time.



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Cooking with beer

Starter – Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham, served with sourdough toast and poached duck eggs.

You don’t always need the most extravagant ingredients to make an impact at the dinner table. This timeless combination pairs perfectly with a 3-6 month glass of St. Stefanus. The fresh and fruity flavours of the beer cut through the saltiness of the Parma ham with every sip, cleansing your...

Cooking with beer

Main – Griddled sirloin steak with summer salad

Last week, we shared our delicious Parma ham-wrapped asparagus and duck egg starter. Now for the main event: succulent sirloin steak with a vibrant and fruity summer salad. We recommend serving this dish with a 15-18 month glass of St. Stefanus. The richness of the beer works in perfect harmony...

Cooking with beer

Dessert – New York Cheesecake with raspberry coulis and fresh berries

You’ve had the starter. You’ve had the main. Now for the dessert. We understand that making cakes and desserts isn’t everyone’s specialty, so we recommend getting a New York cheesecake from a local baker or supermarket. You can then serve it with raspberry coulis and fresh...

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