St. Stefanus Belgian Abbey Beer

From the care that goes into our brewing process to our crafted bottles, everything about our St. Stefanus beer is designed with you in mind. Leaving our cellars after a minimum of three months, each of our beers has already matured to offer a rich taste experience. It then falls to you to choose how you want your beer to taste. Leaving St. Stefanus to continue to mature in the bottle allows the taste to change over time – evolving from youthful fruity tones to a complex and aromatic experience.


St. Stefanus Blonde

St. Stefanus Blonde

As we age our beer, we constantly check to make sure it is maturing. Our Master Brewer holds regular tastings and will only release a batch when he decides it’s ready. Some of our abbey beers are stored in the cellar for longer than others. This is because our brewing process allows the beer to continue maturing for up to two and a half years. We encourage you to do the same so you can discover the different ages for yourself.

St. Stefanus Grand Cru

Our Beer St. Stefanus

Because we brew our beer in small batches and let each one mature for at least three months, St. Stefanus is currently only sold in carefully selected places in London, Lyon and Paris. Over time, our bottle conditioned beer will arrive in new cities, so please check back regularly for updates.

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