St. Stefanus Grand Cru

The Grand Cru was added to our range in the early 1990s and follows the traditional recipe of a ‘tripel’ brew. As a smooth, well-balanced speciality beer, our Grand Cru is ideal to enjoy with food and adds an elegant touch to any occasion.

Because we brew our beer in small batches and let each one mature for at least three months, St. Stefanus is currently only sold in carefully selected places in London, Lyon and Paris. Over time, our bottle conditioned beer will arrive in new cities, so please check back regularly for updates.



At 9 Months The Grand Cru is a very smooth, well-balanced strong speciality beer. At nine months it has already matured to a light, hazy gold with a sweet aroma of zesty grapefruit, lime and herby notes. On the palate, the beer is less sweet. The warming alcohol character balances perfectly with flavours of peach, banana, pineapple and pawpaw, finishing with a drying bitterness for a drink of perfect elegance, class and refinement. At 36 Months The beer has matured into a rich, dry flavour with a champagne-like character. It is our Master Brewer’s favourite drink for special occasions. Lively and complex, it has developed a buttery golden colour and a touch of honey sweetness. The recommended serve is at cellar temperature, around 8ºC. As it warms, the flavours and aroma develop, revealing a depth of flavour deserving of the Grand Cru title.


  • Store your beer out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place (ideally in a cellar at around 8?).
  • Like all abbey beers, it should be served in its specially designed glass, the shape of which has been selected to release the full flavours and aromas while also protecting the foamy head.
  • Make sure your glass is completely clean, give it a rinse and clean off any grease or wet spots.
  • This is refermented in the bottle, which means you can decide which of the two ways you’d like to serve it: “clear” or “cloudy”.
  • For a "clear" serve: Leave one finger’s width of beer in the bottom of the bottle.
  • For a "cloudy" serve: Pause after two thirds of the beer has been poured and give the bottle a swirl. This mixes the yeast into the remainder of the liquid. The traditional way to serve St. Stefanus Grand Cru is "cloudy" as this ensures the fullest flavour and aroma, but the final decision is up to you!

Discover more about the rich history of the Van Steenberge Brewery where our Belgian Grand Cru beer is crafted.

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