3 Top Tips For Ageing St. Stefanus In The Summer

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Summer is finally upon us, which means barbecues, beach trips and beautiful sunshine. But summer also spells danger for your St. Stefanus, as heat and light can have a negative effect on the beer and the ageing journey. So take a look at our top tips to make sure your beer keeps ageing as it should, all season long.

1.    Check your cellar temperature

During the summer, your chosen cellar may be significantly warmer. Use a thermometer to check its temperature at different times of the day. If it’s 16˚C, your beer will be safe. However, if your cellar is warmer than 22 ˚C, the Jerumanus yeast will react with the beer in an unpredictable way, making it difficult to track the ageing journey.

2.    Turn out the light
Another factor to take into consideration during the summer months is light. The St. Stefanus bottle is made from brown glass, which helps to stop light from getting in and affecting the beer. But in the summer sun, you need to take further steps to keep the intense rays at bay. 

3.    Where to store your beer
If your cellar is too warm or light, it’s important to move your St. Stefanus to a new home. Garages and basements are a good place to start, as they rarely receive any sun and therefore stay dark and cool on even the hottest of days. To enhance the effect and keep your beer as stable as possible, try placing your bottles in an empty cooler or covering them with a sheet of tarpaulin.

Where are you ageing your St. Stefanus this summer? Do you have any tips for our fans? Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your secrets. 


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