4 Top Tips For The Perfect Home Cellar

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In our last blog, we talked about the key categories of Belgian beer. After exploring these categories and finding a few favourites, you’re going to want to start storing them at home to enjoy at your leisure. These top tips will ensure that you get the most out of your home cellar system, so read on to find out more. Position Beer should always be stored upright. This makes the yeast sink to the bottom and ensures that there are no yeast rings or watermarks on the side of the bottle. It also helps to prevent oxidation, allowing your beer to last longer. Light Exposure to light can completely ruin the taste of your beer, so ensure that it’s stored in a dim or dark location for the best possible results. Temperature Temperature is another important factor when storing beer. Too hot and it will spoil; too cold and it will become dull and cloudy. The ideal temperature for most beers is somewhere between 8˚C and 12˚C. Keep records Most people gradually build-up their cellar over time, so it’s important to label your bottles and keep track of how old everything is. As well as ensuring that nothing goes off, this allows you to age your beer and experiment with the taste at different maturities. We would love to see your home cellar set-up. Share your cellar with us on Facebook and Twitter for the chance to win the Cellar of the Week award.

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