Abbey Beer and St. Stefanus

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St. Stefanus is an abbey beer with a 719 year heritage. Our beer was first brewed at the Augustinian monastery of Sint Stefanus in Ghent in 1295 – the original floor plan that still exists today confirms the location of the brewery within the monastery’s walls.

Unlike Trappist beers, which are still brewed in abbeys by monks, abbey beers are beers that were once brewed in an abbey, or have a connection to a monastery, but now a secular brewery brews the beer.

St. Stefanus is no longer brewed at the Sint Stefanus monastery – the brewing transferred to the Van Steenberge brewery back in 1978 to protect the beer and the yeast strain with new brewing methods. Nonetheless, our brewery maintains a strong and close relationship with the monastery and proceeds from our beer’s sale help the monastery maintain their beautiful historical site.

Let our Brewmaster, Jef, tell you more about abbey beer and St. Stefanus…

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