Ageing St. Stefanus - The Making Of Our Film Series

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How many beers are there in the world that let you choose how you want it to taste?

St. Stefanus is a unique living beer that matures in the bottle or keg, giving you a completely different experience every time you drink it. To show people how easy it is to age beer at home, we’ve created a series of films all about the cellaring process and the possibilities of ageing the beer with heart.

In order to really do this justice, we called on some of the key people behind St. Stefanus – 6th generation Master Brewer, Jef Versele, and leader of the Sint Stefanus Monastery, Father Paul. With the help of the extremely welcoming local community and our experienced director and producer duo, we were able to produce a beautiful series of films that inspire our fans and encourage them to cellar St. Stefanus in their own homes.

The films feature several iconic locations in Ghent, including picturesque street scenes and the historic St. Stefanus Monastery. We even shot in a local chocolate shop – where we may have indulged ourselves a little – along with a wine bar and restaurant!

With its trams, cyclists and beautiful sights charming us it at every turn, it was a joy to spend a week shooting in the bustling city of Ghent. To shoot five films in three days was an incredibly challenging task, but thanks to the passion and heart of our team, we achieved it, and hope that we have passed on a true passion for ageing beer.

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