Al Panino, Milan

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This month we’re visiting some of the best bars around the world. This week we’re in Italy, taking a look at Al Panino, a legendary sandwich and sports pub in Milan. @Luca_Chiappini says: One of Milan's most stunning place! Must go in and have a drink’

Variety of Beers
Al Panino, not to be confused with the wine bar is a cool pub with one of the biggest selections of beers in the city! (5/5)

Quality of Beers
Quality is really high, with a plethora of the best beer names on the list. St. Stefanus being among the finest. (5/5)

Not a place for a 3 course dinner but Al Panino (as one may have guessed from the name) has ‘the best sandwiches in the city’. (@PakySpacco) (3/5)

Al Panino has a relaxed atmosphere, except when there is a big match on. Go down to enjoy the biggest match or quietly enjoy apperitiv in the evenings with your favourite beer. (4/5)

Customer Service
Predominantly a sandwich bar, the service doesn’t reach the heights you would get at a top restaurant. However, the staff are friendly enough to give you a pleasant, enjoyable experience. (3/5)

Al Panino has a nice outside seating area to watch the world go by. Inside the bar is full of interesting varieties of alcohol, pictures, brick and brack as well as sporting memorabilia. A true sports pub. (3/5)

With high quality beer, and a great range of paninis, Al Panino is a lunchtime hotspot. Have you been there? How did you rate it? Where else would you recommend in Milan?

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