Beer & Food Pairings for Summer

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The warm summer weather seems to have returned, and best we make the most of it before the Autumn sets in! Beer may not be the first thing to come to mind when devising a late summer menu, but it is, in fact, the ideal accompaniment to many light dishes.

The basics behind a good food and drink match come down to balance; the food and drink need to come together in harmony so that no flavour dominates, only enhances. This enhancement can be created through pairing a contrasting or complementary flavour.

Blonde ale is ideal for fish and seafood dishes. St. Stefanus Blonde a has a sweet caramel nose, with aromas of green apple and hints of peach, but It’s the citrusy grapefruit notes which really make it the perfect accompaniment for seafood. The key to St Stefanus’ natural match with seafood comes from the light malt flavour enhancing and complementing flavours without overwhelming them.

Our Top Summer Combinations

Thai Sea Bass
Pair St. Stefanus with steamed sea bass with a hot ginger and lime sauce. The beer won’t overpower the delicate flavour of the sea bass while the citrusy notes of the lime will be enhanced.

Crab Cakes
St. Stefanus is a beautiful accompaniment to crabmeat. The sweet malt flavour matches the delicate flavour of the crabmeat but doesn’t overwhelm it. Try our Blonde with crab cakes drizzled in a chilli and lime dressing. The citrusy notes of St. Stefanus will complement the lime and enhance the zesty flavour.

Prawn Satay
For a twist, try accompanying your St. Stefanus with prawn satay and peanut sauce. St. Stefanus will enhance the palate's enjoyment of the dish without overpowering or distracting from the original flavours .

Chicken Caesar Salad
If seafood is not to your taste why not try matching your beer with a chicken caesar salad? This summer classic is another great match for St. Stefanus Blonde, with the caesar dressing contrasting with the beer's key flavours.

What are your ideal summer beer and food pairings?

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