The Beer Glass

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Belgian beers are synonymous with glassware. Almost every beer comes with its own bespoke glass that is specifically designed to showcase that particular beer’s best attributes.

For you, the drinker, choosing the “correct” glass can enrich your drinking experience. In general, each glass is specially designed to enhance the aromas and flavour and protect the froth and temperature of the beer. The glasses are also intended to guide your behaviour as a drinker – slowing the speed that you drink, while allowing for a comfortable grip and easy sipping.

Take a look at some of the main shapes that you are more than likely to encounter on your craft beer journey.


Like all abbey beers, St. Stefanus should be served in its specially designed glass. According to Jef Versele, our St. Stefanus Master Brewer, the glass is very important to the taste of the beer.

The shape of the glass helps the foam to form and to keep the aroma of the beer in the glass,” says Jef.

Jef also notes that the glass is specifically designed to be wide and open so that you can breathe in the flavours and aromas. In fact, he encourages you to stick your nose completely into the glass to fully experience the beer’s rich aromas!

The stem of the glass also plays a pivotal role in your experience of St. Stefanus. Minimising heat transfer from your hand, it helps keep the beer at the recommended serving temperature of 8°.

St. Stefanus Glass Goblet


This tall glass is a favourite for wheat beers. The sloping design with the wide mouth holds the generous foamy head and additional air created by the shape enhances the aromas when tipped.

Vase Beer Glass

Classic Flute

Tall, slender and elegant: the classic flute design subtly flaunts the sparkly clarity and golden colour of lager. The wide mouth maintains a frothy head while the narrow design makes aromas float up to your nose as you take a sip.

Beer Glass Flute


The tulip glass is designed for strong flavoursome dark ales. The large and rounded bottom encourages heat transfer from your hand to your beer, heightening flavours while the tapered top traps aromas and supports a lively head.

Tulip Beer Glass

Handled Tankard

Easy recognised by its dimpled sides and squat stature, the handled glass is designed to serve traditional lagers.

The wide mouth and thick handle enables easy drinking while minimising heat transfer from your hand.

Beer Glass Tankard

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