Beer Trivia

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What’s better than sharing a beer with friends? Sharing a beer with friends and being able to wow them with your impressive beer knowledge, of course!

With that in mind, we’re going to be bringing you some of our favourite beer trivia. For our first post, we’ll be covering some lesser-known terms that are actually strongly linked to beer (or at least they are in theory!).

The word bridal actually comes from “bride-ale”. This was in reference to the use of “ale” to describe an event where ale was served – meaning that the original word was a description of all the festivities surrounding a wedding. Over the years, this became shortened to “bridal” and was used to encompass all things wedding-related.

Cenosillicaphobia (pronunciation: Sen-O-Sillica-Phobia)
This colloquial term has been doing the rounds lately and refers to
“the fear of an empty glass” – particularly in reference to beer.

Cerevisaphile (pronunciation: Cer-A-Vehs-A-File)
If you really love beer, are devoted to hops and think you are an aficionado of ales, then you could call yourself a cerevisaphile. From the Latin name of the Roman Goddess of agriculture, Ceres, and meaning “strength”, this word used to refer to beer experts. However, today, is more commonly used to point out beer enthusiasts. Although some would argue it is a bit wordy, and preferring to simply call themselves, beer lovers.

Labeorphilist or Labeorphile
This refers to an individual who is a collector of beer bottles or their labels.

Rule of Thumb
Here’s another word, that, rumour has it, actually comes from beer. Stories say that, before thermometers were invented, brewers would test the temperature of a beer by dipping a thumb into the mixture. Getting the right temperature was vitally important as yeast is incredibly sensitive to both heat and cold. And, as we know, without the yeast, there would be no beer, so brewer’s were depending on the ‘rule of thumb’ – a term that we still use today!

Do you have any beer trivia to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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