Best Beer Snacks this Weekend

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When it comes to combining alcohol with food it doesn’t get much better than wine and cheese.

Or does it?

A new rival is on the scene that is not only based on taste but also a little thing called science - cheese and beer.

Both are products of fermentation – a process that leads to similar nutty, tangy and floral flavours. So it makes sense to put them together. In fact, the Belgians have been doing it since the middle ages.

The beer and cheese made by monks became a good form of income and also provided them with a daily staple. Even today, most bars in Belgium will serve small bowls of cheese to accompany your beer.

So, why not try it yourself? Here are a few hints and tips pairing cheese and beer:

Strong Belgian ales work best with a strong tasting and smelling cheese. Yet they need to work together rather than overshadowing one another. Stilton or Roquefort are perfect.

Wheat beers are best suited to light, tangy cheeses such as Mozzarella or feta because the fruity and light acidity within the wheat.

Dark stouts are rich and complex as the barley malts bring out hints of espresso and dark chocolate. A rich and full-bodied, aged cheddar will handle a dark stout superbly.

If cheese isn’t your thing but you’re keen on finding the perfect pairing. Then why not experiment with cured meats such as chorizo or salted pork, and see if you can find the perfect thing to snack on while you enjoy your St Stefanus this weekend.

If you have any dream food and beer combinations that you are planning on trying this weekend then let us know in the comments below...

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