Craft Beer vs London Lager

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In the second video of our new series, “The Speciality Beer Scene in London”, we’re looking at evolving beer tastes with Jef Versele, our Master Brewer, and Daniel Carruthers of London’s Strongroom Bar.

Over the last few years, as Jef and Dan discuss, there has been a real movement away from more traditional beer styles, including London lagers, towards craft beers. As Dan mentions, “Londoners are becoming more discerning” about what they choose to drink.

So what can beer bars and pubs do to accommodate the tastes of the city’s ever-increasing number of craft beer lovers? To keep their beer offering fresh and exciting, the Strongroom Bar order in new beers every week, and rotate their speciality beers. This exemplifies the trend across London beer pubs to satisfy the evolving tastes of beer drinkers, who are always looking to try something new.

Watch the video below and discover how tastes are changing in London…

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