Creative Beer Caps

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Today’s craft beers seem to have put the beauty back into beer. Long gone are the days of “purely serviceable” - instead breweries now put as much effort into the bottle design as they pour into the beer itself.

With artistic labels, innovative packing and unusual styling all becoming commonplace in craft beer, it can happen that the more functional cap gets overlooked. Sometimes all it takes is a creative cap to make a beer stand out from the rest. Take a look at some classic beer caps that have caught our collective eye… Otter Creek (Otter Creek Brewing, Vermont, United States) This little fellow looks so relaxed that you can’t help but want to join him in a quiet beer. Image Credit: Barefoot Radler (South Australian Brewing Company, Australia)  Making use of all possible space on the beer cap, you get a quirky foot fact for free with every beer. Inside: Q. How long was the largest foot ever recorded? A. Approx. 47 cm Image Credit: Red Dog (Plank Road Brewery, USA) Another classic beer crown cap that believes in dispensing advice along with a cold one. From a little sarcasm to words of wisdom – it all goes down well with a beer. Image Credit: Rhöner (Privatbrauerei Peter, Bayern, Germany)  You can’t help but make eye contact with this rather determined sheep. It is almost as if he is laying down a challenge…  Image Credit: St. Stefanus (Van Steenberge Brewery, Ghent, Belgium) Despite being slightly biased, we simply could not compile this without including our own St. Stefanus bottle cap. The cap shows the flaming heart of St. Augustijn – the patron Saint of the monastery from where the beer originated. In fact, the design itself was taken directly from one of the actual stained glass windows at the monastery. Bell’s Hopslam (Bell's Brewery, Michigan, USA) Bell’s Hopslam uses six different hop varietals in the brew kettle and culminates with a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe hops. You are literally slammed by the hops’ aroma – which has been interpreted quite literally on the memorable bottle cap. Image Credit: Osterbrau Brewery (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) At the end of the day, it is a beer. What more do you need? Do you collect beer crowns? Which classic beer cap is your favourite?

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