Eataly, Milan

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This week we’re featuring Milan’s famous Eataly, a market-style superstore packed with authentic Italian produce. As soon as you walk through the doors your senses come to life, enchanted by beautiful colours and rich aromas. Each station has something different to offer, from coffee, gelato and chocolate to pasta, pizza and fruit – and that’s only on the ground floor!

But Eataly doesn’t just stock beautiful food, it also features a selection of small eateries that demonstrate the true potential of fresh produce, ensuring that you leave inspired to cook up your own Italian feast.

Variety of Beers
It’s not all about the food though. Eataly also has a stunning range of beer available, including Belgian, Italian craft and other speciality beers. (5/5)

Quality of Beers
The quality of beer at Eataly is second to none. Eataly has something to suit all tastes, including our very own St. Stefanus. (5/5)

Incredibly varied and authentically Italian. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. (5/5)

The ambience of Eataly changes throughout the day. It gets particularly busy in the afternoon, with families and groups of friends dining for lunch, and there is live music on offer in the evening to entertain the crowds. (5/5)

Customer Service
Service is prompt and attentive within the restaurants, and staff are always very knowledgeable about what is on offer. (4/5)

Milan’s Eataly was originally a much loved theatre, “Smeraldo”, so you get a great feel of space as you walk through the four-story structure. The circular design makes the outlet feel very open, with great vantage points on the upper levels to admire Eataly in all its glory. (4/5)

With an incredible variety of fresh Italian produce and some of the world’s greatest beer, Eataly attracts crowds of food-lovers every day. Have you ever experienced anything like Eataly? How does it compare? 

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