The Family of the Van Steenberge Brewery

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Our beer was first brewed over 700 years ago at the Sint Stefanus Monastery in Belgium. While the monks worked tirelessly to protect their traditional recipe, there inevitably came a time when they were no longer able to brew the beer themselves. It was only then that the recipe was handed over to a local brewery.

The Van Steenberge family brewery was once one of 664 working breweries in the East Flanders region just outside of the city of Ghent. Today it is the only remaining brewery in the area and is led by sixth generation Master Brewer, Jef Versele. The brewery specialises in high-fermentation beers and has been tasked with protecting the ancient St. Stefanus recipe – a job that Jef is proud to do.

Take a look at our video below to find out more about the history of the Van Steenberge brewery.

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