Gallery : The Van Steenberge Brewery

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This month, our photos come from the Van Steenberge Brewery, home to St. Stefanus Belgian abbey beer.

The brewery, situated just outside the city of Ghent in Belgium, is the only remaining operational brewery in the province of East Flanders; a region that housed 664 breweries in 1900. The brewery's history stretches back over six generations to its humble Belgian farm beginnings, located on the same land.

Our selection of photos this month highlights the rich history of the brewery, currently managed by Master Brewer Jef Versele.

A rich history
The Van Steenberge Brewery
This photograph illustrates the early beginnings of the brewery, which has a history dating back to 1784. Remaining true to its heritage, the brewery still focuses on traditional, speciality brewing techniques.

St. Stefanus
St. Stefanus Brewery
The production of St. Stefanus was, for centuries, based at the Sint Stefanus monastery in the heart of Ghent. However, in 1978, production was transferred to the brewery in order to protect the recipe and yeast strain. The monks have always worked closely with the brewery to ensure that St. Stefanus beer remains true to its heritage.

The brewery kettles
St. Stefanus Brewhouse
The brewing process involves the use of large kettles in the brewhouse. These are giant chambers that are heated by steam to boil the wort, a key component in the brewing process.

Jef at work
Jef Versele, St. Stefanus Master Brewer
Jef Versele is the Master Brewer of St. Stefanus. The Van Steenberge brewery has been in his family for six generations, and St. Stefanus could not be in better hands. Here we see Jef preparing to test St. Stefanus to ensure that its quality is always of the highest standard.

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To find out more about the Van Steenberge Brewery, click here to visit the website.

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