Grand Cru is here!

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It is with great pride and excitement that we can announce the arrival of St. Stefanus Grand Cru in the UK.

Our Grand Cru follows the traditional recipe of a ‘tripel’ brew and is a very smooth, well-balanced, strong speciality beer. Only released after nine months, each bottle will have already matured to a light, hazy gold colour with the sweet aromas of zesty grapefruit and lime.

Jef Versele, St. Stefanus Master Brewer, cites the Grand Cru as one of his favourite beers – both to make and to drink.

Our Grand Cru uses a fine selection of hops and is so much fun to make. The beer is beautiful - even after the first fermentation it is already almost perfect. It has so much body and so much character.”

The Grand Cru is guaranteed to capture attention – it is not every day that you ‘pop a cork’ on a bottle of beer. So, as the perfect beer for a special occasion, you may want to save a bottle or two. When storing our Grand Cru, Jef recommends keeping the 75cl bottles on their side and away from sunlight. This will spread out the yeast to ensure that it is evenly distributed in the bottle. Just make sure to twist the bottle every two months to redistribute the yeast.

When you’re ready to drink your Grand Cru, place it in the fridge to chill slightly. Then open the bottle and let it stand for a few minutes to release the excess CO2.

When you’re ready to pour, make sure that the glass is clean and dry and as close to room temperature as possible. As Jef says, “cold beer and a warm glass will create far too much foam – and no one wants that.”

And is there a good food match for the Grand Cru? According to Jef, mussels with and Grand Cru are the “perfect pair”.

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