Great speciality beer pubs: Bouillon Belge and Bouillon St Stef

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The craft beer business is booming in France, particularly Paris, where we recently filmed our video series named The Speciality Beer Scene in Paris. Nonetheless, speciality beer pubs are few and far between in the capital, and finding a good one can be a difficult task. On our trip, we visited Le Bouillon Belge and Le Bouillon St Stef, two of Paris’ few speciality beer pubs – both of which are owned by craft beer enthusiast Daniel Pommier. He opened Le Bouillon Belge after a trip to Belgium, where he “fell in love with beer.” Le Bouillon St Stef was opened in order to celebrate the launch of St. Stefanus on draught in France in 2012, and is dedicated to our beer. Something for everyone Le Bouillon Belge welcomes both beer enthusiasts and people who are new to the beer scene. It markets itself as having “something for everyone,” as the pub tries to cater for people with different likes and tastes, including food as well as beers. A diverse beer menu Daniel tries to have beers that are representative of each category, including blondes, abbeys, browns and Trappist beers. With an exciting choice of 120 speciality beers at Le Bouillon Belge, there are certainly plenty to choose from. Stocking a diverse variety gives drinkers the opportunity to sample many types and “refine their tastes,” as Daniel says. On draught, Le Bouillon Belge offers beers including Chimay and Petrus, and in bottles of varying sizes, beers such as St. Stefanus, Gulden Draak and Piraat, and Trappist beers including Westmalle, Achel, La Trappe and Rochefort. Le Bouillon St Stef is in close competition for the best beer menu, with 10 draught taps – including St. Stefanus Blonde. With an impressive choice at both beer pubs, customers are spoilt for choice. However, choosing the right beer can be a daunting choice, especially for craft beer newcomers. Choosing the right beer In both beer pubs, customers are helped by the staff to choose the right beer, recommending different aromas and flavours to suit the customer’s palate. By asking what the customer likes, the staff can offer them a product tailored to their taste. The effort by the well-educated and passionate staff to help customers is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows drinkers to experience craft and speciality beers from across the world. Secondly, it also helps drinkers learn something new about craft and speciality beers with every visit. And most of all, it ensures that the customer is satisfied. Accompanying dishes It’s not just the beer that makes a great speciality beer pub… who could forget the food? Both pubs offer a selection of dishes and snacks as an accompaniment to their beers. Le Bouillon St Stef does not disappoint, offering charcuterie boards, whole dried sausages and even free popcorn for customers. The menu at Le Bouillon Belge includes several Belgian dishes, such as carbonnade and croquettes - both of which pair perfectly with St. Stefanus. In addition to the quintessential pub foods of burgers and homemade cheese fries, Le Bouillon Belge also offers sliced and cured meats, cheeses, and a must-try camembert and blue cheese fondue. Have you ever visited one of these great speciality beer pubs? Leave us your thoughts below. Follow Le Bouillon St Stef on Facebook. Follow Le Bouillon Belge on Facebook.

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