The Growth of Craft Beer in London

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In our latest video from London, we’re back at the Strongroom Bar with our Master Brewer Jef, and the Strongroom manager, Daniel Carruthers. We’re back at this speciality beer pub to find out more about the huge growth of craft beer in London.

In recent years the craft beer movement has exploded in London, with microbreweries, brewpubs, and craft beer pubs and bars opening to quench the city’s thirst.

This booming craft beer culture has been intensified by the demand in London for quality beers and interesting imported and local beers, as people look for both exotic and locally brewed beers. Not only this, but traditional brewing processes are becoming more valued and sought after when selecting a speciality beer, as drinkers look for craftsmanship and heritage.

According to Daniel, people care about what they are drinking, and are more interested in knowing where it started from, and the brewing processes of their favourite craft beers.

Watch the video below to hear Jef and Dan explore the growth of craft beer in London.

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