Here’s to Discovering Ghent!

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In our last video series, we explored the speciality beer scene in Paris and looked at the world of beer and food pairings, discovering how adding St. Stefanus as an ingredient in your cooking could bring amazing flavours to your dishes.

In our new series, we return to the birthplace of our beer, the historic city of Ghent. In our first video, our Master Brewer Jef introduces us to the city’s historic, annual festival and gives us a sneak peek at things to come in our ‘Discovering Ghent’ video series.

This year marks 170 years since the Ghent Festival began, and festivities include live music and jazz bands, puppet shows, street theatre, comedy shows, mouth-watering food from traditional stalls and local restaurants, and beer tents offering the best in Belgian lagers and ales. The highlight is, of course, the tent run by the Van Steenberge Brewery, where our beer is brewed!

Have you ever visited the Ghent Festival?

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