An Introduction to Belgian Beer

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Belgium makes the best beer in the world. This isn’t an opinion; it’s a well-known fact. With a rich brewing history that dates back over 700 years, the range of quality beer available is second to none. So if you want to become a real beer expert, there’s no better place to start than Belgium.

Over the next four weeks, we’re going to take you from amateurs to aficionados in the art of Belgian beer. From the vast variety of brews available, to storing and serving your beer at home, this short series of blogs is the perfect start to becoming a beer connoisseur.

Our journey begins with an introduction to Belgian beer.

Belgian beer is not made to be consumed in huge quantities, pint after pint on a night out. Belgians see beer as an art, with dedicated schools and universities throughout the country teaching the intricacies and complexities of brewing. Belgian brewers have an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to beer, carefully choosing each and every ingredient to provide a specific aroma, taste or texture.

With such care and attention, it becomes apparent that Belgian beer is something to be savoured. It’s when you take the time to really taste a beer that you become able to pick out the subtle differences in flavour. This helps to explain why, in Belgium, beer occupies the same territory as wine. It is sophisticated; it can be enjoyed with a meal or a couple of close friends; it is something to be discovered and shared with others.

The road to becoming a beer connoisseur is a personal journey of discovery and experimentation. Why not head to your local bar or pub this weekend and try a few of their Belgian beers? Maybe they’ll even have St. Stefanus!

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