Introduction to the London Speciality Beer Scene

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Welcome to our new video series on the Speciality Beer Scene in London. After our exploration of the craft beer scene in both Paris and Ghent, the home of St. Stefanus, we’re in the vibrant craft beer hub of London.

Once again, let Jef Versele, 6th generation Master Brewer at the Van Steenberge Brewery, take you on a journey of discovery of the London craft beer scene!

As Jef remarks, he’ll be meeting several beer lovers and speaking about the rise of craft beer. Importantly, he’s out to explore what the craft beer boom is doing to the beer scene in the British capital, looking at changing drinking habits and craft beer tastes, beer menus and food pairings.

Here’s Jef to give you an introduction to the London speciality beer scene, with a glimpse of things to come in our upcoming videos…

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