New Video: Discovering Speciality Beer

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In our latest video, Jef, our Master Brewer, chats to Parisian pub owner Daniel Pommier to find out more about how his customers go about choosing a speciality beer.

According to Daniel, who owns both Bouillon Belge and Bouillon St. Stef, beer drinkers in Paris are slowly moving away from mass produced beers and expressing more and more interest in craft beer. In his opinion, this is due to customers wanting to try something new and seeking out products they haven’t had before. So much so, that after customers have tried a specialty craft beer they tend to never go back to what they were drinking before!

Bouillon Belge itself is a specialist beer pub that offers customers a wide range craft beers to try. But, with over 120 beers to choose from, just how does Daniel even begin to make a recommendation? “I start to ask them what they like, if they prefer a bitter beer, or a sweeter beer, and we suggest the product that fits their description.

And it’s not just Bouillon Belge that specialises in craft beers. More and more cafes in Paris are starting to stock speciality beers, especially of Belgian origin, alongside their other artisan products. The craft or speciality trend is spreading across the French capital, powered by customers wanting to try new things.

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