New Video Series: Beer & Food in Paris

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No journey of discovery into the speciality beer scene would be complete without investigating how well beer and food go together. From food and beer pairings to cooking with craft beer, this new trend offers endless opportunities.

So, as part of our ongoing video series, we spent some time in Paris to see how the ‘beer and food’ combination is being received in the French capital.

In our first video, our Master Brewer met with Nicolas Juhles to get his views. Nicolas owns the prominent French delicatessen Juhles, and specialises in stocking unusual and artisan products to help introduce people to new things.

Part of his deli’s selection includes speciality beer as, in his opinion, these types of beers “open up a whole spectrum of aromas to French people”.

Nicolas also believes that it is possible to make many successful food pairings with beer that would be more difficult to do with wine. For instance, he recommends pairing asparagus with brown beers. The asparagus brings out the taste effect of the malting process in the beer, while, in turn, the beer helps give a fuller flavour to this seasonal vegetable.

Take a look at our latest video below:

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