Pairing foods with beer: meat and cheese

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In our latest video, we explore two fantastic foods to pair with beer: meat and cheese.

Jef is joined by delicatessen owner, Nicolas Julhés, to chat about the different tasting notes of St. Stefanus Blonde and Grand Cru and how these work particularly well with meat and cheese.

One of Nicolas’ personal favourite pairings is St. Stefanus and comté cheese, which he describes as a “match made in heaven”.

Nicolas also comments that the complex flavours of our Grand Cru are ideal to complement dishes such as chicken with mushrooms, while a young Blonde is well suited to lighter dishes and as the beer can heighten the flavours and bring a freshness to your dish.

Are you an avid fan of pairing beer with food? Or are you new to these different flavour combinations? Watch the video below and leave us your comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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