Pakhuis, Ghent

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The next installment in our series of great beer venues is Pakhuis (Schuurkenstraat 4, 9000 Ghent). This venue is nestled in a quiet alley overlooked by the medieval tower of Ghent, but do not be fooled by the understated exterior for inside there is something quite different…

The variety of beers ranges from around 20 to 25, all of them being a mix of different styled Belgian beers. More limited than other venues but as a restaurant, you have a vast drinks menu to choose from. (3/5)

The quality of beer is outstanding with the house beer (Principale) being one of the best. Principale is a “living” blonde beer that comes in stylish 75cl champagne bottles and has an alcohol content of 8.3%. (5/5)

The Pakhuis bar owns 80 hectares of lush pasture in the heart of the Bresse region. This gives them access to the fresh and organic produce that goes into their fine mix of contemporary French-Italian cuisine. (5/5)

This venue leans towards more trendy than traditional with a cool atmosphere that makes it the place everybody wants to be seen in. (5/5)

Customer service
The multilingual staff are very professional and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food and drink - with the ability to make great recommendations. (5/5)

The building is a unique and attractive old warehouse that is hidden away down a back street. Step through the revolving door and you are transported to something unassumingly spectacular. (5/5)

If you are looking for great food, a refreshing beverage and buzzing atmosphere then Pakhuis is a great place to visit. If you are looking for a more traditional Ghent then you may want to visit Het Waterhuis first.


Have you visited Ghent and have a hidden gem you’d like to tell us about? Please send in any venue recommendations you love and we will look to feature them in our blog soon…

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