Pils Pub, Milan

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This month we’re exploring the craft beer scene in Milan, and as well as trying some superb local beers, we’re also visiting some of the best bars in the city. Located just on the outskirts of Sempione Park in a very up-market part of Milan is Pils Pub. Primarily a sports bar, Pils is the perfect place to relax with a great beer or aperitif while watching the game, and if sport isn’t your thing, then the live music every Friday is sure to keep you entertained.

Variety of Beers
True to its name, Pils Pub is heavily branded with Pilsner Urquell, but this isn’t the only beer on offer. With a great variety of lagers, ales, and of course St. Stefanus on tap, you certainly have plenty to choose from. (5/5)

Quality of Beers
Very good, with St. Stefanus on tap. (5/5)

Pils offers exceptional pub-style food in a relaxed setting. Visit after 6pm for a great aperitif spread, or give the renowned Pils Pub burger a try for a special treat. (4/5)

Pils has a great energy and is always full of people watching sports, enjoying great food, or just watching the world go by. On the fringes of the picturesque Sempione Park, it's the perfect place to spend your evening in Milan. (5/5)

Customer Service
Great, attentive service with staff who know a lot about their beer and how to serve it. (5/5)

Pils Pub isn’t your typical sports bar, but rather a trendy craft beer spot in the heart of Milan. The décor is sophisticated with great murals covering the walls, and the outside area has plenty of seating for those who want to soak up the sun. (5/5)

With its sophisticated take on the traditional sports bar, Pils always attracts a trendy crowd. And with great tasting food and high quality beer, who can blame them? Have you been there? How did you rate it? Where else would you recommend in Milan?

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