The Sint Stefanus Monastery

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While not a Trappist beer, as it is no longer brewed within the walls of a monastery, St. Stefanus still has a strong monastic history. Originally brewed at the Sint Stefanus Monastery located in the heart of the Belgian city of Ghent, St. Stefanus can trace its heritage as far back as 1295. Today, because of its monastic origins, St. Stefanus is known as an abbey beer. True to this category, our beer has a rich and distinctive taste that arises from its age-old recipe - one that is now protected by the Van Steenberge family brewery.

A strong relationship exists between the Van Steenberge Brewery and the monastery and the two establishments are committed to protecting the St. Stefanus recipe and heritage. Take a look at our video below to find out more about the monastery where St. Stefanus was first brewed.

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