Speciality Beer Masterclass: Maturing, Storing and Pouring

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Welcome to our newest video series, the “Speciality Beer Masterclass”.

We have dedicated February to the Speciality Beer Masterclass, celebrating the intricacies that make speciality beer so unique. From maturation, to refermentation, and the speciality beer menu – come and join us on our masterclass!

In this, our first video, we join our Master Brewer Jef Versele, and Daniel Pommier, owner of the Parisian speciality beer bar “Le Bouillon Belge” where they will be exploring maturing, storing and pouring.


One of our defining qualities is that St. Stefanus matures over time in the bottle, so that you can choose how you want your beer to taste. Jef and Daniel discuss the different taste experience of our Blonde at ages 3, 12 and 15 months as the beer matures.


What’s the use of sampling a fine speciality or craft beer if the flavours and aromas aren’t at their best? As Jef explains, correctly storing your beer is very important in achieving the best quality experience once it’s opened.

With our beer, which is refermented, it is crucial to store at around 16 degrees so that the bottle fermentation can occur. The sugars continue to be processed, long after the first fermentation has occurred. It is this process that brings the distinctive flavour to our beer.


Ever wondered how to achieve the perfect pour? Jef demonstrates the best technique to get the preferred amount of yeast, and a thick foamy head that allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the beer. Are you thirsty yet?

Watch the video closely to master the technique for yourself.

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