The Speciality Beer Pub

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London is a city renowned for its pubs, a stereotypically British fixture on what feels like every road and street corner. Pubs selling London lagers, IPAs, commercial European beers and traditional pub snacks have always played a significant role in British and London culture.

However, these iconic institutions and British drinking habits are changing. The craft beer boom that has taken the city by storm is driving huge demand for new and exciting craft and speciality beers, changing the humble beer pub into a speciality beer mecca for Londoners keen to eschew commercial light lagers in favour of craft beers.

In our new video from one of London’s top speciality beer pubs, the Draft House, Seething Lane, our Master Brewer Jef met with the bar manager Adam Sentence to discover just what makes a speciality beer pub great.

It is not just about having the best beers or a good venue and atmosphere; as Jef and Adam discuss, it is key to know your customer and what they want from a speciality beer pub.

They want something tastier, something better quality, they want to know the history, they want someone behind the bar who is passionate about it

 ~ Adam, Bar Manager at the Draft House, Seething Lane

Adam goes on to stress the importance of keeping the selection of speciality beers new and different, as this “keeps people excited” about your offering and encourages beer lovers to experiment with craft beer styles.

Take a look at the video to learn more about the qualities of a great speciality beer pub…


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