St. Stefanus – Made With Heart

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We put a lot of love and passion into our beer, that’s why we’ve given you 6 lessons to ensure that you get the best possible experience. From the hops and yeast to the serving temperature and glass shape, it all goes towards making St. Stefanus so special. So read on and see how you can get the most out of your beer. Feel the warmth of the heart In recent years, there has been a growing demand in pubs around Europe for beer to be served ice cold. This trend has led many beer brands to create ‘extra cold’ versions of their beer. However, these low temperatures have a negative effect on the beer’s flavour, as they don’t allow the true taste to shine through. Instead, beer should be served at cellar temperature, around 8˚C for St. Stefanus, allowing the full body of flavour to come through as it warms in your hand. Take a look at our site for more information on how to store and serve St. Stefanus Blonde and Grand Cru. Read Marc Wisdom’s blog or follow him on Twitter for more interesting tips. Caring about our land and our friends We are passionate about brewing, but we’re also passionate about helping the community here in Ghent. St. Stefanus isn’t just about beer; it’s a way of life. Most of our team’s families have been living in the area for generations, and our partnerships with local farmers date back for centuries. We show our gratitude by giving something back. The leftover malt from brewing St. Stefanus is used to feed farm animals that help our friends and partners to make a living. This comes as a joint effort to reduce waste and ensure that every opportunity is taken to help the community to prosper. The perfect partner Our beer isn’t the only thing we put our heart and soul into. For the perfect glass of St. Stefanus, you first need the perfect glass. Everything about our glass has been specifically designed for the Blonde and Grand Cru, with each detail contributing to the experience. The stem minimises heat transfer from your hand to the beer, ensuring that it stays cool, and the large, goblet-shaped top allows you to smell the flavours of the beer through a thick layer of foam. That’s why we insist that anyone who stocks St. Stefanus has the correct glass to serve it in, because it's the finer details that make the experience so special. Brewed with the best quality pilsner hops for over 6 generations Sometimes breweries cut hops from their recipe to appeal to the masses, but at St. Stefanus they are an integral part of the brewing process. Our sacred recipe has been passed down over 6 generations and we vow to stay true to the ingredients that have been used throughout history. Foam: your beer’s delicate and flavorous teaser The thick layer of foam that spreads across our beer is what really gives it heart. It holds the flavours in, allowing you to breathe in the delightful aromas and experience the full taste. Find out more about how to perfectly pour a glass of St. Stefanus by visiting our dedicated blog. Finished with live yeast in the bottle so you can choose the age and taste of your beer Did you know that regulating beer production influences the yeast in your beer? We follow our formula very strictly to ensure that every beer we produce tastes the same when it has finished the first stage of brewing. We then add our famous Jerumanus yeast to bring the beer to life and let it continue brewing in the bottle. This allows you to choose the age and, more importantly, the taste that your bottle of St. Stefanus has. Find out more about how we use yeast from our dedicated blog post. What did you think of our tips? Do you have any serving suggestions of your own? Get in touch and let us know what you think.

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