St. Stefanus at the 2014 Finest Spirits and Beer Convention

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This year's Finest Spirits and Beer Convention gathered more than 70 individual exhibitors in Bochum Centennial Hall. Naturally, we had to be there to show everyone our beer with heart.

Over a long weekend that started on Friday the 17th of October, St. Stefanus featured various maturity levels, with our stars being 3 months old on tap and 5 months old bottles.

Our 6th Generation Master Brewer Jef was there to talk about the Abbey from which we inherit our fine beer and how the Van Steenberge brewery preserved and perfected the original traditional recipe, down to the Jerumanus yeast that's keeping our beer alive, so you can decide how it taste, by picking your preferred St. Stefanus age.

Among St. Stefanus there was a selection of German house names including Hefeweißbier, Westerwald-Bräu, Preußen Weiße, Latzenbier and many more.

St. Stefanus stood out proudly among its Deutschland counterparts by its distinct quality of maturing even after our cellar release and up to the moment you decide to enjoy it.

Check out our Facebook photo album covering the event!

We'd also like to raise a glass to our friends from Pilsner Urquell for having us by their side at this fantastic event and we hope everyone there got to try their non-filtered beer in wooden barrels, a true original Pilsner match to our specialty St. Stefanus. Cheers!

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