True or False? Common Beer Myths Unraveled

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Many more people are beginning to explore the world of craft beer, and while there is a plethora of information out there, not all of it is true.

In fact, quite a few ‘beer myths’ persistently present themselves to new beer drinkers. While these often simply represent out-dated thinking, they can, unfortunately, be very confusing…

Beer Myth #1: Beer should always be served ice cold
While we’d never dispute how refreshing a cold beer can be on a hot day, this is one myth that should not be applied to craft beers. In fact, an extremely cold beer will have quite a lot less flavour than its warmer counterparts. Our Master Brewer, Jef Versele, recommends serving St. Stefanus at around 8° which is warmer than the setting of most fridges!

Myth #2: Beer bottles should be green
Due to glass shortages over the last century, many beers used green bottles, as this was the most readily available option. Now seen as the norm, many people incorrectly assume that green glass is the best option. This is actually not the case – it is in fact brown glass that best protects beer from the light.

Beer Myth #3: Craft beers are always very high in alcohol
While it is certainly true that some craft beers can be very high in alcohol, this doesn’t apply to each and every one. On average, craft beer ABVs tend to range from 5-10%. This is higher than a commercial lager, however these are the types of beers that you are expected to enjoy slowly – ultimately drinking less and instead savouring the experience.

Beer Myth #4: The shape of the glass makes no difference to the taste of a beer
This is one beer myth that our Master Brewer is very keen to dispel! Belgian craft beers in particular are often served with a particular glass and for very good reason. Each glass is specially designed to release the full flavours and aromas of the particular beer. The St. Stefanus glass also helps to protect the beers foamy head and ensure that each and every beer pours to its full potential.

Beer Myth #5: The best beers are those that just left the brewery
It is perfectly reasonable to assume that the fresher something is, the better it will taste. However, this logic could mean that you miss out on some spectacular taste experiences when it comes to beer. St. Stefanus is brewed to mature in the bottle, meaning that the taste will evolve over time. While our Blonde will be fresh and fruity just as it leaves the brewery, allowing the beer to age and mature will offer a completely different taste experience. Similar to wine, many craft beers will change with age meaning that sometimes it is well worth your while to wait!

Have you heard any beer myths worth sharing?

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