What makes a craft beer venue great?

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From a traditional pub to a trendy bar or even a restaurant, it is now possible to enjoy a craft beer just about anywhere. But aside from simply offering a few speciality beers on the menu, what makes a place a true craft beer venue? The quantity and quality Many pubs and bars offer a selection of beers, but really fantastic craft beer venues should give you a decent amount of choice. Look for a menu of at least ten beers from a variety of styles including pilsners, abbey beers, porters and stouts. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the specials boards – great craft beer venues will also have guest beers that can be sampled for a limited time only. What do you look for in a craft beer venue? Image Credit The half pint No true craft beer venue will only serve you a beer in a pint. If a bar has a good selection of craft beers, they will want you to have the opportunity to explore their menu. Be sure to ask for a tasting selection or if you can, order a half pint to ensure that you can sample a variety of the beers on offer. Choose a craft beer venue that lets you sample different beers from the menu. Image Credit The people No matter how big the venue may be, you should always be able to chat to the bar staff. The wonder of craft beer is that there’s likely to be flavours that cater for all types of taste buds – you just need to know what to try. Make sure that you speak to the bar staff and ask them for recommendations, or try asking them what their favourite beer is and why. Any good craft beer venue should have knowledgeable staff who are willing to chat. They should also know the beers on their menu and be able to recommend one based on your likes or dislikes. The food There's often a split when it comes to craft beer venues offering food. It’s undeniable that some foods can enhance the beer tasting experience, however, some people are firmly in the camp that really great craft beer venues should focus only on providing great beers and leave the food to someone else. If a venue does offer food, make sure to ask what would go well with your choice of craft beer and take a look at our round up of food pairing tips from the Festive Season. What do you look for when walking into a craft beer pub or bar?

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