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Please note that the competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winners! Barry Hogg; Robert Gale; Ed Ledbetter; Nadia Stecconi; Graham E Sharman; Norman Alexander; Steve Heather; Antoine Marandon; Stephen Gilmartin and Natalie Marsh. You will each be receiving a St. Stefanus gift set. A huge thank you to everyone else who entered - Happy New Year! Some call it Boxing Day or Wren Day, whilst some may call it St. Stephen’s Day. But whatever you call today, it is a day of celebration! In many countries, Boxing Day remembers the old tradition of giving small gifts to servants on the day after Christmas, to thank them for all their hard work during the year. In Ireland, Wren Day remembers the time when children would take a wren from door-to-door, asking for money in exchange for a feather – which was a symbol of good luck. In fact, this tradition is still maintained today as we move around to visit friends, however, more often than not, now without a bird in hand! For those who refer to this day as Saint Stephen’s Day, this day is about remembering the first Christian martyr. Stephen is believed to have been a Jew who converted to Christianity. He was known as an honest man who kept his word, so when the task of distributing alms and serving the poor needed to be allocated; he was one of seven deacons chosen. He was also an inspiring speaker, a fact that unfortunately contributed to his downfall. Some were concerned over his preaching and popularity, so he was accused of blasphemy. During is trial he continued to bravely tell the truth – which ultimately led to his death. Every year, on the 26th of December, this brave saint is remembered during the Feast of St. Stephen. This day is particularly important to us, as it was after this Saint that our beer takes it name. When our original order of Augustinian set out to build a monastery in Ghent in 1295, they chose the site of the existing Saint Stephanus church – a holy place that paid homage to this first Christian martyr. The monastery was built around the church to keep this building at the heart of all the monks’ activities. One of these activities included brewing St. Stefanus as a way to give back to the community around them. This church has seen many trials and tribulations, including almost total destruction during both the "iconoclastic fury" of 1566 and the French Revolution. But it has endured, just like our beer, which is proud to bear its name and be a modern-day reminder of our history. To celebrate St. Stephen’s Day, we have 10 St. Stefanus gift set to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment below with your name, age and the answer to this simple question: In what year did the monks of Sint Stefanus set out to build a monastery in the city of Ghent? A. 1295 B. 1395 C. 1995 All answers will be put into a draw and the first ten correct entries drawn will each win a St. Stefanus gift set! Leave your comment by 23:59 on 2nd January 2014 for a chance to win. All correct answers will be placed into the prize draw to be held on the 6th of January 2014. Click here for Terms & Conditions. Please note that your comment may not appear immediately. To ensure that we're not overtaken by spam, all our comments are moderated. But don't worry, all answers will be published as soon as possible.


The answer is 1295
The answer is: A) 1295
The answer is a) 1295 Jonathan Noble
The answer is 1295.
The answer is - A. 1295
A ) 1295 Great beer
The answern is A 1295
Answer is (a) 1295
Answer (A) 1295
It was established in 1295
the correct answer is 1295
A) 1295 Have a great festive season everyone!
The answer is a) 1295.
The answer is A 1295.
The answer is a 1295
The answer is A) 1295 Looking forward to sampling this famous beer ;-)
Answer is A - 1295
Answer is A: 1295
1295... Fabulous beer guys! Make MY new year and pick this 46 years young major fan! :-D
Answer is A: 1295
I luv to try new beers
answer 1295 I luv beer
55, The answer is A) 1295 Fingers crossed. Happy St.Stephens day
The answer is A : 1295 Thanks for the opportunity :)
Answer A : 1295 I Love Beer, would b great to try this out
Answer A: 1295
The Year in which the monks of St Stefanus set out to build a Monastery in Ghent was 1295 ( Answer A 1295 )
1295 why not change someone's life for the better.
Answer: 1295 My age: 50
Answer is A. Age 29
The answer is: A. 1295
Answer. A: 1295
The answer is A. 1295 Happy New Year - mine is starting with a 75cl St Stefanus, shame I do not have the correct glass!.
Andy Innes 53 Answer a) 1295
The answer is A) 1295
The answer is a) 1295
The answer is a) 1295
1295 is the answer

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