Welcome to our New Blog!
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From its early beginnings in the Sint Stefanus Monastery to finding a new home at the Van Steenberge Brewery, our beer has had a rather eventful history. With over 700 years already behind us, we are very proud to add yet another milestone to our timeline – our very first blog.

With so much history and experience to share, we are looking forward to regularly updating this space with tips from our Master Brewer, the latest industry news and even a competition or two.

The popularity of craft beer is only growing and more and...

The Rise of Craft Beer
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The recent rapid rise in the popularity of microbreweries seems to have marked a turning point in beer diversity. For numerous decades, connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages were faced with the bland selection of mainstream lagers, primarily manufactured with an emphasis on quantity over quality. Craft beers offer an alternative, a true variety of tastes and flavours, but where has this resurgence of independent, smaller breweries arisen from?

The use of the word ‘craft’ in defining a craft beer is incredibly apt, as...