Ageing St. Stefanus - The...
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How many beers are there in the world that let you choose how you want it to taste?

St. Stefanus is a unique living beer that matures in the bottle or keg, giving you a completely different experience every time you drink it. To show people how easy it is to age beer at home, we’ve created a series of films all about the cellaring process and the possibilities of ageing the beer with heart.

In order to really do this justice, we called on some of the key people behind St. Stefanus – 6th generation...

Roast Pork and 12 month aged...
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Continuing our food pairing series, here’s a succulent roast pork recipe that combines perfectly with your 12 month aged St. Stefanus. Our beer is already cellared for 3 months at the brewery before being released, so you’ll only need to age it for a further 9 months to experience this delicious combination.  


-    1.5kg pork (either topside or loin, with fat left on)
-    2 large white onions
-    1/2 celeriac root (or 2 celery sticks)
-    4 cloves of garlic
-    4-5 brown/wild...

St. Stefanus with Fish &...
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When it comes to ageing St. Stefanus, there is no better way to enjoy it than by finding the perfect food to pair with it. Sometimes the simplest food pairings can bear the most delicious results. The traditional British dish of Fish & Chips is a great example and can be quick and easy to prepare. 

By adding a healthy splash of a 6 month aged bottle of St. Stefanus to the batter, you can give a Belgian twist to an old classic. Try the recipe for yourself!


For the fish...